How to choose the perfect coat?

Infallible to face the days of cold sheltered and with wave, the waistcoats occupy a main place in our dressing rooms. There are many styles and models, but not all of us feel good and adapt to our body. Here is an unavoidable guide to follow before you purchase waistcoats.

  1. Personal style

In each season new trends arise and the ideal is to incorporate them if they are functional to our style and daily activities. The parka, one of the most pieces of this autumn / winter, may be more attractive to a striking woman than a classic, which will prefer a more traditional cut. At brumano, you can find the best quality according to modern trend and also as per your test.

  1. The cut

As a general rule, the waistcoat slightly fitted at the waist and with opening in line a, sitters in most cases. Women of defined and narrow waist will be super benefit from waistcoat with belts and details that bring attention to this area. For those who have not so defined waist (and also for cases of high waist) will be more sitters’ waistcoat that does not have belts. If it has any effect, such as tables or flown, we must consider that they will give the visual sensation of more volume in the part of the body that is placed, so they should always be located according to our body type. If in the area of ​​the torso, for example, in the lapels, there are ruffles, it will be better for a narrower woman in the upper and wider area of ​​hips,

  1. The color

The ideal thing is to opt for neutral tones for this type of garments since they are a real investment for our wardrobes and that allows us versatility and the possibility of putting together more combinations. But choosing a neutral tone is not enough: it must also be seated according to our hair, eyes and skin. In this way, people with dark hair and eyes will look great with waistcoat of intense tones, including black;

  1. Buttons and flaps

It is better to have a single row of buttons on the garment if the goal is to stylize and lengthen the figure. Two rows of buttons do not stylize but tend to widen since the look observes the buttons horizontally. The size of the buttons, as well as the size of the lapels, should be in proportion to the frame of the person wearing the coat. A bag of narrow or very thin lapels in a broad-shouldered person will only accentuate the width of the shoulders. The same disproportion is generated in a woman with narrow shoulders with a sack whose lapels are extremely wide.


Author: Grace